Staying Cool, Fit, and Healthy with Swimming

Everyone tries to stay cool as possible when during the summer months. One of the best ways that people can stay cool is by taking a dip in the swimming pool. It is nothing like jumping into a pool filled with cool water on a hot summer day. Swimming is also a great way to get fit because it is one of the few exercises that engage the muscles of the upper and lower body. Studies have shown that the average man can burn to 986 calories while swimming while the average woman can burn over 800. Other activities such as walking, skating or playing basketball burn significantly less calories.

Many people hit the beach during the summer and want to be in the best shape possible so that they can let it all hang out. Swimming on a regular basis can make that happen. Swimming can also help people stay healthy because it provides a person without a cardiovascular workout. Cardiovascular workouts help keep the heart healthy and strong plus they prevent many other illnesses and diseases. Swimming is a fun way to stay cool, fit and healthy during the summer time. Everyone should consider doing this exercise during the summer months.

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